Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates is famous for its many sightseeing attractions – ultramodern architecture, lively nightlife scene, luxury shopping malls that come complete with mammoth aquariums. It’s a holiday spot for many around the world. Not long ago I chanced on a Facebook advert of a one-week Dubai package for only $1,400 and it really got my attention. What surprised me most was the cost that came with this trip. The aforementioned amount included return tickets and a four-star hotel accommodation appeared more of a scam to me. If there’s anywhere in the world travelling to will be so expensive, for me, that definitely should be Dubai! So why $1,400 here? “Staying in a four-star hotel in Dubai alone on an average should not cost anything less than $1,500 for a week”, I said to myself. I began digging deeper and first was to make a background check on the tour agency. I found out they have many years of experience in the travel and tour business, and also have won several awards to their credit. Even at that time, they were with Joy FM’s Doreen Andoh on a Triple Delight Tour (Dubai, Jakarta and Singapore). To satisfy my curiosity and desire of visiting Dubai, I made up my mind to join the trip. I was reeling with very high expectations, hoping there would be no changes in the package I’ve signed up for as far as this trip by the travel agency is concerned. I went through all processes to get me to Dubai. Then the day of travel came. A staff of the agency met us (16 adults and an infant) at the airport with our tickets, visas, insurance and embarkation forms, all duly filled. We were booked on Emirates Airline; a direct flight to Dubai, economy class which for me was just like the business class. I kept imaging how the latter would be like with this comfort even in the economy class.   After the check-in, we were driven to Holiday Inn Hotel where personnel of the agency briefed us on our travel and its itinerary. Socialization began right there. It was exciting making new friends and I won’t be surprised to see some of the friendships which started here ending in marriage. Hahaha   On arrival, we were greeted and welcomed by Arabian Adventures, one of the leading tour companies in the UAE. They took us through immigration and after drove us to our hotel. We checked-in to a hotel, in all its magnificence and shiny glory. It seemed like a dream to me. Luxury and comfort at its best! I was impressed by the immaculate and beauty of the hotel. Throughout my stay at the hotel, every one of their staff went out of their way to help, making sure you are as comfortable as you wish. The service was invariably five-star. The impression this gave me was completely different to what I had the very moment I saw the trip ad on Facebook. Honestly I enjoyed much more than what I paid for. Our accommodation came with breakfast. I made sure I ate enough to sustain me for the whole day. All tours came on as promised and we really had fun. The fun was endless. Talk of the desert safaris, visits to the malls, aquariums… It was my first time traveling with a group and the experience was very great as well. Memories of it I will keep forever. ?The Travel & Tour company that made this happen is ADANSI TRAVELS. As a Travel Blogger and professional Travel & Tourism Consultant with 12 years of working experience, I would recommend Adansi Travels for all holidaymakers, chiefly for the following reasons: 1- Strong Bargaining Power Most tour companies charge over $2,000 for same services that Adansi Travels takes $1400. Due to the number of tourists they send outside and their consistency, they have been able to beat down rates with all suppliers with no compromise to quality of services rendered. 2- Deals direct with suppliers Unlike other tour companies who deal with sub-agents in the UAE and other countries, Adansi Travels deals directly with suppliers. Due to this, there are 0% chances of disappointments and all tours starts exactly at the stipulated times. 3- Standby photographer Adansi Travels understands it’s always not about taking selfies and as such a standby photographer joins all tours to take free photos of tourists. Great memories worth sharing with families and friends back home. 4- Full Tolerance The troubles of tourists; lateness to show up at pickup points, ignoring of pre-tour instructions, requests for unbudgeted items in itinerary, cancellation of booked optional tours and many of such troubles receive absolute tolerance from Adansi Travels. Ages of individual tourists are considered throughout their tour plan to enable our grandparents and infants enjoy their vacations. 5- Effective Communication A whatsapp group was created for the group to facilitate communication between members of the group. It’s makes it easier for the lost to be found. Look no further than Adansi Travels in all your travel engagements. They are second to none! Credit:

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