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Message From Board of Directors and Management

It has been a wonderful journey to witness the growth of Adansi Travels with you. 2016 was an excellent year filled with lots of pleasant memories with you. We promise to Deliver more in 2017 with exciting new destinations and activities which will deliver to you great value for money. We welcome you to 2017 and hope that you will travel with us and feel life’s beauty together.

The Board ensures that Management takes the time to visit all countries and attractions to ensure quality and value for money before we put our packages together. We also travel with you to ensure your safety and pleasure on our group tours. 2017 shall be different as we shall endeavor to improve on our services and add more destinations to our catalogue.

We also have the privilege to introduce our innovative service to you, Adansi Travels Club where we put all our satisfied past clients to exchange travel experiences and different cultures. We shall formally launch Adansi Travels Club in 2017. It shall be an opportunity for all club members to meet and relive the exciting moments of our various tours as we commit ourselves to the goal of exploring many more exciting destinations on the planet with Adansi Travels. Management is resolute on giving you the best in 2017. Why not join us as we explore life’s beauty together in 2017.

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